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Lethal Weapon premiere on Fox tonight

Tonight the wait comes to an end. Lethal Weapon is coming to FOX and it is time for us all yet again to get to know Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh even better. At September 21st, that is tonight, it is time for the premiere of this brand new TV series from Fox. It will be followed by other premieres like Pitch on September 22nd and The Exorcist on September… Read More »

Watch season 5 of New Girl in full on

I just realized that it is possible for watch the full season 5 of New Girl on the Fox website, without paying anything or without any extra subscription. That is quite cool and a seldom thing to do from a big TV network like Fox. Normally they would do like NBC and CBS as they show the latest 2-3-4 episodes of a show, but the fact that they actually broadcast… Read More »

Prison Break returning to Fox

I remember watching the last episode of Prison Break and I was so sad about how it all ended. The last episode aired on May 15th, 2009. But in the spring of 2017 we will get to know more, because that is when Prison Break will return. Lots of people we know from Prison Break will return to the new season and in the trailer which can be seen below… Read More »

Lethal Weapon coming to Fox

Lethal Weapon is the name of some fantastic films with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover from the 80s and the 90s. Now a TV series is coming to Fox with the same characters, but new actors. Lethal Weapon is supposed to premiere on Fox in the autumn of 2016 and based on the trailer which you can see above it is clearly very similar to the original films. Martin Riggs,… Read More »