24: Legacy to premiere on Fox soon

The premiere of 24: Legacy is only a few weeks away. I am looking forward to it, and I guess you are as well! What will 24 be like without Jack Bauer and Kiefer Sutherland? As you might know Kiefer Sutherland is active playing the President of the United States in Designated Survivor, a brilliant TV series that is starting to look more and more like 24, just without the… Read More »

When will Prison Break return to Fox?

As you might know Prison Break will return to Fox sometime soon. But, when will the Prison Break premiere be? When can you actually watch Prison Break on Fox again? The autumn of 2016 has so far been a season for reuniting with old friends. In fact it started much earlier as Full House returned on Netflix early in 2016. Since then our superhero Angus Macgyver has returned to CBS… Read More »

Watch Lethal Weapon online on Fox

The first two episodes of Lethal Weapon has aired on Fox and I think I am in love. At least kind of. Do you want to watch Lethal Weapon online on Fox? I did like the original Lethal Weapon films, but I was not sure whether or not I would like the new TV series from Fox. But, after watching the first two episodes I must admit that I truly… Read More »

Lethal Weapon premiere on Fox tonight

Tonight the wait comes to an end. Lethal Weapon is coming to FOX and it is time for us all yet again to get to know Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh even better. At September 21st, that is tonight, it is time for the premiere of this brand new TV series from Fox. It will be followed by other premieres like Pitch on September 22nd and The Exorcist on September… Read More »

Watch season 5 of New Girl in full on Fox.com

I just realized that it is possible for watch the full season 5 of New Girl on the Fox website, without paying anything or without any extra subscription. That is quite cool and a seldom thing to do from a big TV network like Fox. Normally they would do like NBC and CBS as they show the latest 2-3-4 episodes of a show, but the fact that they actually broadcast… Read More »